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Kat Pegler || Founder 

Kat is a researcher, creative + multidisciplinary artist working in music, sustainability and the arts. She creates exciting and imaginative work in unconventional spaces, and has produced a number of immersive experiences for the public, bringing people closer to heritage, art + the environment. Kat has worked with an array of arts and cultural organisations across the globe, and enjoys exploring innovation + collaboration through technology, science and ecology.

Kat has an MA with distinction from the Institute of Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, where she received the Warden's Climate award for best postgraduate project addressing the climate emergency. She is also co-founder of Leo, an assistive reading platform for people who are neurodiverse, designed to increase access to the creative industries.

She is currently an ambassador for Climate Outreach, is composing a climate change musical, and is converting a van into an eco-performance space for music, cabaret and workshops.

Helen Kearney || Founder

Helen is a project manager, writer, teacher and historian with specialism in design, urbanism and sustainable development. As a project manager she has led teams working on complex, multi-disciplinary, built environment projects with a particular focus on culture-led regeneration and public space design in central London. She is a qualified Planner, specialising in sustainability practices in cities, in relation to the UN frameworks including the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Helen has a PhD from the Royal College of Art in London, and MAs in History of Design, and International Planning and Sustainable Development. Current work includes the role of Operations Manager at ICOMOS-UK, a charity that supports the heritage sector in the UK to implement UNESCO best practice; and work as an Adjunct Professor at Syracuse University in London, where she runs a Multidisciplinary Design Studio. She has recently completed a research report in partnership with GCDN for the City of London Corporation that investigated the sustainability practices in cultural districts across the world. 

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