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Water Tower Art Residency. 
лом, Bulgaria
| 2023

A/C: Manipulated sounds of air conditioners in Lom, the constant undertone of a town subject to extreme heat

Artist: Kat Pegler 

PXL_20230720_131802487.PORTRAIT~2 (1).jpg

Mother Cosmic: Found stone, inspired by the meteor that crashed nearby

Artist: Kat Pegler 

River Roma: Dancing with the Roma Community in the Danube town, sustaining resilience

Artist: Kat Pegler 


Stories from the Danube: Glass collected from the shores of the river Danube sculpted over time and placed in the water it came from, accompanied by an Ode reflecting on the daily ritual of collection

Artist: Kat Pegler 


Moulded Shores: A temporary spectrum of coloured clay collected from the River Danube, washed away as the tide returned

Artist: Kat Pegler 


Natural Kiln: Traditional process to bake our ceramic creations on the Danube River 

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