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Leo: The Assistive Reading Platform

LEO is an award-winning free platform that increases access to the creative industries for people who are neurodiverse. The software turns creative books into fully customisable formats. The books are read by key figures within the creative sector instead of a robotic voice to help overcome some of the frustrations we found in research of existing assistive technology.


By collaborating with key creative agencies, industry figures and education partners, Leo has opened up the conversation about accessibility and inclusion within the creative industries. We now have an exclusive partnership with Campaign Magazine, and are working with designers in Ukraine to develop the concept further.

Watch our launch on dyslexia here.

Founders: Kat Pegler, James Hillhouse, Alex Fleming


Campaign Magazine Asia

Campaign Magazine UK

Campaign Magazine UK 

Creative Brief 

Creative Moment

Decision Marketing

FE News

Gasp Agency

It's Nice That

LSN Global

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