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Estuary Sound Ark
Creative Estuary|The Radiophonic Institute

This was a large scale public engagement project recently nominated for an Ivor Novello Award, that brought people closer to their local environments, increased climate change awareness, and created opportunities for emerging creatives and artists in the area. The Sound Ark was a sonic time capsule of the sounds of Kent and Essex for people to discover in 100 years; to preserve everyday sounds that may be lost in the future through climate change. It involved working with composers, artists + poets and designers, managing a public callout and training local young people in sound preservation and composition. Through collecting sounds in public space, working with BBC Radio 3, The British Library and collaborating with local festivals including Ramsgate Festival of Sound, Intrafest and Electric Medway, 1000's of sounds were collected and new works created. The new works were played once to the public at a concert in The Gulbenkian before they were archived within the time capsule for 100 years. The Capsule is on display at Chatham Library. 

Read more about the public callout at Creative Estuary or the experiences of the emerging artists involved here.

Creative Producer: Kat Pegler 

Lead Composer: Matthew Herbert 

Time Capsule Creator: Jonny Wells

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